Going for Bowls at the 55th Hatch Awards

We were proud to contribute to Callaway Photo’s Recycled Beauty Project that took home three "bowls" from the 55th Annual Hatch Awards in Boston, MA.

The print and web pieces we developed represented the culmination of months of hard work by the Boston-based photographer. By beautifying recycling through advertising-style photography, Ellen Callaway hopes to build awareness of the importance of recycling—and play a role in getting our earth to zero waste.

Through The Recycled Beauty Project, Callaway hopes to:
▪ Stimulate enthusiasm for recycling by creating a conscious & emotional connection
▪ Educate people on the vast spectrum of items that are recyclable
▪ Explain the hazards of recycling contamination
▪ Encourage people to learn about their local recycling regulations
▪ Celebrate companies that consciously:
▪ Take environmentally friendly steps to produce their product
▪ Comply with Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR)

To view our work for the project, click here.