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Chica de Gallo

Branding for the Refined Palette

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From farmer’s market to Whole Foods Market, the upstart salsa company was making a big splash with their artisan salsas and guacamoles. Fast growth necessitated a new brand that communicated their dedication to high-quality products with bold flavors. So we focused on the hand-picked ingredient sourcing that differentiates “The Chica” to stand out in the saturated salsa marketplace.

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The Logo Gets Personal
When it came to giving the identity a high end flavor, we needed a silhouette for the logo. Employing the profile of the actual “Chica” who creates the recipes made the logo a personal endeavor. Now that’s standing behind your product!

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Promoting the Fun
Chica de Gallo is locally famous for a relentless pursuit of big, bold flavors. They need promotional materials that reflected the fun approach they take to the Chica lifestyle.

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