Mr. Fox Composting

Website / User Experience / Photography

Mr. Fox believes that the future of our planet depends on humankind. They needed a website to quickly educate people on the benefits of their services and help their communities turn small habits into big impacts, one bin at a time. So we took a look at their whole business and redefined the web experience in a way that highlighted the benefits of composting while making it easier to match customers with the services that best fit their needs.

Reimagined UX
A scrolling layout illustrated how easy and straight forward composting could be.

Improving Business Metrics
By implementing route management software, Mr. Fox customers were able to get greater transparency on their service and when trucks would arrive. This streamlined communication creating an overall  better customer experience that led to an increase in referrals.

Custom Photography

We curated a series of photoshoots that showed how customers can easily integrate Mr. Fox Composting services into their lives, while emphasizing a seamless end-trend customer experience.