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TGG Accounting
Guiding Success for Business

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TGG Accounting offers more than just number crunching, they are partners in the success of their small business clients. The challenge was to communicate the intangible added value of those relationships in a real and meaningful way. We drew upon our experience in the financial industry to redefine the TGG brand story and approach the conversation differently.

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Mobile Strategy for Growth
With Google’s “Mobilegeddon” around the corner, it was mission critical to create a truly mobile-ready, responsive website to take advantage of the changing SEO landscape.

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Custom Built Illustrations
In order to make TGG Accounting stand out in their competitive space, we developed custom illustrations that highlighted TGG problem solving capabilities in an upbeat, engaging way.

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Emphasizing the Point of Difference
A new, bolder logo and branded materials personifies the value-added guidance that positions TGG Accounting as an established leader.

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